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Oolong Tea ----- Tie Guanyin (First Class)
Price:  43 USD
Weight:  200 G

Ti Kuan Yin is the most famous Chinese Oolong tea with a great orchid aroma and finish. This tea is nice, light and has a hint of dried apricot. 

Our tea is hand-harvested from Guilintea tea bush and made by using traditional crafting techniques developed in China’s Fujian province. The leaves are tightly rolled and you can get 4-5 good infusions out of the same leaves. Affordably priced, this is a great tea to drink with company.

Tie Guanyin , featured with green Leaves, red margin, pure flavor, and best fragrance even after infusion for 7 times . Importantly ,when infusing Tie Guanyin, the best tea set for you is the Zi Sha(purple sand pottery)the Zi Sha tea set made in Yixing is most suitable, it will never affect the fragrance of the tea,it can keep the color, fragrance and taste of the tea for a long time.

Actually , Tie Guanyin is a representatives of Oolong tea among the six major types of teaTie Guanyin was originally the name of a tea tree,because it is suitable for making Oolong tea,its product was thus named Tie Guanyin.

Tie Guanyin has healthcare fuction. It  is verified by the domestic and foreign scientists, the chemical composition and mineral elements in Tie Guanyin have special functions to people's health, the functions are roughly as follows:anti-ageing, resisting cancer, preventing artery sclerosis, preventing and curing diabetes, losing weight, preventing decayed tooth, disinfecting, preventing dyscentery, etc.

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