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High Mountain Tea (big size) ----Yellow Tea
Price:  40 USD
Weight:  100 G


     High Mountain Tea is a kind of yellow tea which only picked once a year in Spring, it is grow on the mountain area more than 2,180 metres, so it's a kind of wild tea without any caffeine, and suit to drink anytime in the day for anyone.

     According to Chinese Traditional  Medicine theory,regularly drinking high mountain tea is good for the liver and kidney, specially works for the people has insomnia and headache. 

     To brew high mountain tea, a tea strainer would be the best choice,  just put about 2/3 of the strainer, and pour hot water(up to 90°C) on its top to wake up the tea, and then just pour boiling water through the tea,that's it.It's very easy to make the high mountain tea,and the same tea could be reused 4 to 5 times in a day. 

     High mountain tea has combined with sweet and refreshing flavor, this specail flavor could last for a long time even after tasting!

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