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Osmanthus Tea (big size)
Price:  45 USD
Weight:  150 G

Sweet-scented Osmanthus is Guilin’s city flower.

    Osmanthus is a kind of flower which owns of ornamental and medicinal value. The Osmanthus tree produces a popular flower that is a traditional symbol of love and romance in Guilin and often used in wedding ceremonies. Flowers from the Osmanthus plants traditionally have been used in many Guilin drinks and teas as well. The flowers may be brewed into teas by themselves, or they may be mixed with green or oolong teas to add fragrance and sweetness.

    Traditional Chinese medicine uses various parts of Osmanthus plants, and sometimes the flowers act as flavorings in strong tasting preparations. As the Chinese think the flowers are good for the skin and for the hair, they can also be an ingredient in cosmetics. As well as a perfume, the essential flower oil can repel insects. Some producers also claim that Osmanthus tea helps digestion and aids the immune system.

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