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Drinking Tea is one of the good choice to improve your memory
[DateTime:5/14/2016 11:02:34 PM ]

1. Herbs

One of the most famous memory-enhancing herbs is rosemary. Rosemary is rich in the anti-oxidant, carnosic acid which dilates the cerebral vascular tissues. Studies have shown that even the smell of rosemary can improve memory performance in office workers.

Other herbs that may help memory include "the three Gs": ginko, ginseng, and gotu kola.

2. Tea

Another food with a long pedigree and which seems to have many benefits on the brain is usually served as a beverage, tea. Tea's benefits may spring from its healthy combination of anti-oxidants and caffeine. The antioxidants in tea are called polyphenols which have repeatedly been shown to improve cognitive function and memory.

Tea also contains a calming amino acid called theanine which helps reduce "the jitters" and keeps the mind relaxed and focused. Perhaps the best news is that tea has up to 10X the polyphenols found in foods like fruits and vegetables.

3. Fruits & Vegetables

Let's not knock our friends, fruits and vegetables, however. Man cannot live (or learn) on herbs and tea alone, we need food. The thing to remember about memory boosting foods is color. You want dark reds, blues and greens. Apples contain quercetin which protects against memory loss. Blueberries (and red beets) have another great anti-oxidant called anthocyanin which performs the same function. Red onions and grapes contain both.

Combine red and blue and you get the purple of eggplant, a food rich in nasunin which protects the lipids in our brain tissue. Dark green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, brussels sprouts and romaine lettuce are high in folic acid which several studies have show to prevent and even reverse memory loss.

4. Fish & Nuts

Sushi, anyone? The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish (and nuts) are great for the brain. Sea swimmers like mackerel, herring, eel and tuna are also chock full of phosphatidylserine. You don't have to remember these fancy chemical names, just remember that these oils contain nutrients that are not made in the body, so it's important to eat plenty.

5. Dessert

Honey is a delightful sweet that every culture in history has enjoyed. The sweet product made by bees from flower nectar has been used for thousands of years in food, medicine and even religion. Now, based on a study by theUniversity of Waikato in New Zealand, a diet sweetened with honey could both lower anxiety and improve memory. What an excellent excuse to not skip dessert.


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