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How to store & make the Liubao Compress Tea
[DateTime:2/4/2015 7:56:03 PM ]
 Liubao Compress Tea is totally different from other teas. When we store the compress tea, we should keep it in a cool and dry place, never put it in a refrigerator or in a plastic bag.

      If it is stored well, compressed tea could last for a very long time, and it is taste better when is aged.

     Because it is compress very tight, when we steep it, we should use the knife to cut it into small pieces, one person just put about one and half tea spoon, that is enough to make about three to four cups of tea.

     Making the Compress Tea, the temperature of water should be boiling, first steep making it as waking step, so don't drink, and keep the second steep about 2 to 3 minutes, it will become very nice sweet flavor smell.

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